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Dr. Niharika Porwal Biography, Wiki

Dr. Niharika Porwal is both an actress and a medical professional.  She lives in Los Angeles, California (USA), as well.
Dr. Niharika Porwal Biography, Wiki

Dr. Niharika Porwal is both an actress and a medical professional. She lives in Los Angeles, California (USA), as well.

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Niharika Porwal Splitsvilla X5

Niharika Porwal took part in the Hindi reality TV series “MTV Splitsvilla X5” in 2024.

Niharika Porwal Wiki

Niharika Porwal, a doctor turned actor, has always wanted to pursue her acting career and finally made the decision to try it out during the lockdown. The Lucknowite debuted as an actress in the OTT series Siksha Mandal, costarring with Gulshan Devaiah.

Dr. Niharika Porwal Education

A graduate of Indira Nagar’s Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial School, Porwal says that while being a doctor was undoubtedly her goal, she has also had acting on her mind for a long time.

Dr. Niharika Porwal Career

After earning her MBBS in Odisha, she moved to California, USA, to continue her education. She was hired as a Research Scientist at the University of Nevada thanks to sponsorship.
She is an actress who self-taught and has several talents. Mumbai is her home. Her hometown is Lucknow.

“My family is made up of engineers and architects. After completing my MBBS in Odisha, I joined in the University of Nevada, USA, in 2018 to work as a research scientist. That’s when I started going to the drama school across from my university. After a year, I relocated to California, where I was introduced to the film industry and discovered that I have acting talent,” she explains.

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She began pursuing her hidden interest after becoming stranded in the US amid lockdowns. “I began doing study and improving my acting abilities. Being a trained kathak dancer, I made the decision to utilise my talent and began creating videos to reach out to casting associates and producers on social media. Following the lockdown, I went back to Lucknow, where I discovered that I had been chosen to be the lead for Shiksha Mandal, says Porwal.

The medic assumed, for once, that it was a joke. However, I decided to take a chance and responded, sending in three auditions from Lucknow. After being chosen, I travelled to Mumbai to film the show. They initially assumed I would speak with an English accent, but because I was born and raised here, I actually speak Hindi fluently, which provided me an advantage over the competition.

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One TV show has already been cast for the actor. “Next, I’ll begin filming an episode of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya.” In addition, I already have other offers, and the second season of my debut show has been announced.”

Porwal states, “My medical degree is and will be something I can always fall back on and utilise whenever required,” in reference to her medical practise. But at the moment, my acting profession is what I’m focused on.

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