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Actress Nandana Sen Biography, Wiki

American actress, playwright, children's book author, and child rights activist Nandana Dev Sen was born in India . Nandana Sen played the 17-year-old younger sister of Rani Mukherjee in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Black (2005),
Actress Nandana Sen Biography, Wiki

American actress, playwright, children’s book author, and child rights activist Nandana Dev Sen was born in India . Nandana Sen played the 17-year-old younger sister of Rani Mukherjee in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black (2005), which starred Amitabh Bachchan. This was her debut Bollywood film role.

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Sen collaborated on a number of films with Indian directors, such as Ram Gopal Varma and Ketan Mehta, before accepting a leading role in the startling American drama The War Within (2005), which had a terrorist theme and debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. In the process, Sen established a reputation for being drawn to unconventional, difficult roles, frequently with a social or political theme.

Nandana Sen Childhood

Sen is the daughter of Padma Shri recipient Nabanita Dev Sen and Nobel Laureate and Bharat Ratna economist Amartya Sen. New Delhi is where Nandana was born. Journalist Antara Dev Sen is her older sister. For a short years during her early years, Nandana lived in Delhi and London. Nandana Sen and her sister Antara came to Kolkata with their mother Nabanita following the divorce of their parents. Following her education in Kolkata, she moved to the United States to pursue graduate work, earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English literature from Harvard University. When Nandana Sen was a little girl, her first piece of writing was chosen by Satyajit Ray and published in the magazine Sandesh. Her early years were spent in a number of American, European, and Indian cities.

Nandana Sen Education

At Harvard University, where she studied literature, Nandana Sen received the Detur Prize for graduating first in her class . Nandana Sen then went on to win the Elizabeth Cary Agassiz Award for Academic Achievement of the Highest Distinction and the John Harvard Scholarship. She was inducted into the academic honour organisation Phi Beta Kappa early as a junior. Sen then attended the USC Film School’s Peter Stark Producing Programme to study film producing. Her thesis film “Arranged Marriage” was one of the short films she wrote and directed, and was screened at several film festivals. Nandana received her acting training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York.

Nandana Sen Career

children’s rights

In addition to performing on worldwide stages and in motion pictures, Nandana advocates for the safety of children. In addition to serving as Save the Children India’s Child Protection Ambassador, Nandana has held positions as Cause Ambassador for RAHI (India’s first organisation to break the silence about child sexual abuse), Smile Ambassador for the international children’s NGO Operation Smile , and National Celebrity for Child Protection and against Gender Based Violence for UNICEF India. Nandana Sen is a director and a member of the programme and advocacy committees of the Women’s Refuge Commission in New York. Her roles as a child rights expert and juror for public hearings with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) are collaborative.

Nandana has been actively working with groups like the NCPCR and the Terre des hommes foundation to combat the issue of child trafficking in India, in addition to bringing attention to it in motion pictures. She has received invitations to speak at international conferences on the topic of child protection, such as the USAID-organized Global Call to Action Summit for Child Survival and Development.in addition to the 2013 International Comprehensive Cleft Care Conference .The play “30 Days in September” (Prithvi Theatre) and the film “Chuppee/ The Silence” about child abuse (UNIFEM) both include Nandana Sen as the traumatised lead character. Nandana Sen has blended her dedication to child rights with her acting career.


Sen has acted in more than 20 full-length motion pictures from different nations and languages. Critics have praised her performance as Sugandha in Rang Rasiya (2008), calling it “pitch-perfect,” “superb,” “divine, elegant, and enticing,” “innocent and vulnerable,” “fearless, uninhibited,” and more. “luminous in each frame,” “striking, brilliant,” “as sophisticated as it is audacious.”

Sen was awarded the prestigious Kalakar Award for Best Actress in 2015 for her ground-breaking performance as artist Ravi Varma’s muse in this historical romance on the religious censorship of art. In her acceptance speech, Nandana went on record saying that the award honours “the greater cause of free speech and expression, now under enormous threat everywhere, as shown by the horrifying Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris.” Whether we work as actors, journalists, filmmakers, or authors, the necessity to safeguard our creative independence is more important than ever.”

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Sen starred in the lead female role alongside Ajay Devgan in the anti-war picture Tango Charlie, which also starred Bobby Deol, Sanjay Dutt, and Anil Kapoor in My Wife’s Murder. Subsequently, Nandana secured prominent parts in the bilingual Hollywood-Bollywood film Marigold, starring Salman Khan, and Prince, starring Vivek Oberoi. She also portrayed the lead in unusual but critically appreciated films like Strangers and The Forest.

Sharpe, a British television series, made her more well-known. Sen played a crucial part in the Sharpe’s Peril episode. Sen agreed to star in the lesbian-themed period drama The World Unseen, directed by Shamim Sarif, in 2007 as a young, rebellious woman running from the law. 2010 saw Nandana in the critically acclaimed Bengali film Autograph, for which she won the Reliance BIG Bangla Rising Star Award and the TeleCine Award for Best Actress.


Sen’s career choices have included working as a literary editor at Houghton Mifflin Company and as Princess Jasmine at Disneyland. In addition, Sen has written children’s books, screenplays, short films, and has been published in a variety of genres, including poetry, narrative non-fiction, poetry , and opinion pieces. The Monkey Who Wanted to Fly (Italian: La scimmietta che voleva volare, Fetrinelli Kids, 2018), Talky Tumble of Jumble Farm (Penguin Random House India, 2017), Not Yet! (Tulika Books, 2017), Mambi and the Forest Fire (Puffin, 2016), and Kangaroo Kisses (Otter-Barry Books, 2016) are the six children’s books that she has written. Furthermore, she is the translator and editor of Make Up Your Mind: 25 Poems About Choice, a bilingual anthology of Bengali poetry published by iUniverse in 2013.

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Acrobat (Archipelago Books), a compilation of her mother’s English-language translations of Bengali poems, was released in 2021. Sen also contributes to The Wire’s Youthquake fiction series. Forever was Sen’s first original screenplay turned into a movie, with funding from Telefilm Canada. She was hired by Big Bang Company to develop an original story that revolved around a father-daughter relationship, and by Divani Films to adapt R.K. Narayan’s novel Waiting For the Mahatma into a film script.

Nandana is now working on the next installment of her critically acclaimed Mambi the Marvel series. In addition, she is writing Mother Tongues, an intergenerational memoir that evolved from her “Shamelessly Female” articles , “Letter to Ma” (The Ink, 2021) , and “Every Word a Lifelong Quest” (Lithub, 2021)

Sen has frequently served as an artistic muse in both theatre and film, receiving praise from critics on each occasion. Notable examples of her work include the off-Broadway production “Modigliani, the Bengali hit “Autograph, and her most recent release, “Rang Rasiya.” Frequently featured on the covers of prestigious publications for both genders, including Femina, Savvy, FHM, Man’s World, and Maxim, Sen is renowned for both her performances and her confidence in her sexuality and opinion-voicing: “My body is as much a part of my humanity as my brain, my morals, and my heart, and I will never be ashamed of expressing it with the dignity and self-respect it deserves.”

Nandana Sen IndividualLlife

In June 2013, Sen wed John Makinson, the Chairman of Penguin Random House. 2018 saw the couple adopt a young Bengali daughter. She previously spent more than ten years dating Indian film producer Madhu Mantena.

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