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Actress Esha Kansara Biography, Wiki

Actress Esha Kansara Biography, Wiki

Indian actress Esha Kansara portrayed herself in the Mukti Bandhan and Meri Bhabhi television series in Hindi. Esha Kansara was also cast in Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana (2021) and Maddam Sir (2020).

Esha Kansara Childhood

On August 20, 1992, Kansara was born in the city of Ahmedabad. Her family foundation includes her brother Daivik Kansara, a businessman, and her sister-in-law Kalindi Soni Kansara, a homemaker. She was born to Ramesh Kansara, a businessman, and Harsha Kansara, a homemaker.[Reference required]

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Esha Kansara started learning Bharatnatyam dancing at the age of six, and at fourteen, she gave her Arangetram performance.

Her passion for dancing brought her to the “Dance India Dance” grand stage in her tenth grade year, placing her in the top 100 competitors. During this period, Esha participated in theatrical productions. In her 12th grade year, she took the lead in the play Dikri Toh Devthi Vishesh, which was later renamed Ame Toh Khush-Khushal. She played the role of a blind girl in that play. It was the beginning of her theatre career, this Ahmedabad performance.

Esha relocated to Mumbai in 2010. She enrolled at Mithibai College of Arts and Commerce there. She has been in the acting industry for 13 year.

Esha Kansara Career

2010 saw the debut of Kansara’s acting career in the Hindi TV series Mukti Bandhan, an adaptation of the well-known novel by Shri Harkisan Mehta of the same name. Present by Production Pvt. Ltd. of Shobhana Desai. The plot of Mukti Bandhan centred around I.M. Virani, a self-made businessman, and his daughter-in-law Devki Shah Virani, who was portrayed by Esha as the lead female character. Esha Kansara later went on to appear in more Hindi serials, such as Maddam Sir, Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi…Meri Bhabhi, and so on.

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In the TV series Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi, Meri Bhabhi, Esha portrayed the character of Kritika (Kittu) and the story revolved around the beautiful relationship between a sister-in-law and daughter-in-law. Kritika becomes a friend to Shraddha the nanad. Esha Kansara later made an appearance in the SAB TV series Maddam Sir. Esha played a brash police officer named Misri Pandey in Maddam Sir . Esha Kansara investigated the grey area as an actor through the role of Misri Pandey, and she rose to fame as Misri Pandey.

Prior to that, Esha starred opposite Shreyas Talpade as Radha in the comedic series My Name Ijj Lakkhan. Starring in this 26-episode sitcom were celebrities like Parmeet Sethi and Archana Puran Singh. The plot of My Name Ijj Lakhan centred around Lakhan, a tiny goon who commits evil deeds but is guided towards righteousness by his kind heart.

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Esha plays the part of Amrita in Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana, another Hindi TV series, which debuted in 2021. This serial’s plot focused on the meeting of two very different personalities, Amrita and Pritam, upon his move-in as a renter. She is all about seeing the bright side of everyday things, while he is a pessimist.

Esha has also been cast in Gujarati films. With Duniyadaari , she made her screen debut in Gujarati movie in 2017 alongside Malhar Thakar. This film, which was a remake of the Marathi film Duniyadari, was set in the mid-1970s and told the narrative of love, friendship, relationships, and destiny.

Esha Kansara played Shivani in the Gujarati movie Vandha Vilas , which she also appeared in that same year. In the latter part of 2018, she made her acting debut alongside Malhar Thakar in the film Mijaaj . Esha Kansara had a leading role in the romantic Gujarati film Prem Prakaran in 2022. It was a coming-of-age film featuring Gaurav Paswala and Deeksha Joshi in a love triangle. In this film, she portrayed the role of Riya, telling the tale of Adi, a young man from a tiny town who grows up to become Gujarat’s most popular musician.

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